We realize that each carpet cleaning situation is slightly different and we adjust our cleaning methods and techniques for each particular situation. The best case scenario is carpet that has well maintained with frequent vacuuming and quick spot removal by the owner. This carpet is easily brought back to “almost new” condition with our V.L.M. (Very, Low, Moisture ) / O.P. (Oscillating Pad) Deep Extraction cleaning.

If the carpet has a few spots and some traffic lanes that are a little more soiled this is not too difficult either.  We spend a little extra time per-treating these areas. Our spot removers work very well and the customer is almost always amazed. (We have “stain specific” chemicals.)

One of Florence Carpet Cleaning’s motto is: “If the spot returns; so do we.”

We seldom, if ever, have to return to a customer’s home. Our method of cleaning insures the spot is permanently removed.