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Pet Stain Odor Cleaning | Florence SC 843-245-2145In many cases the offending pet will return to the same spot repeatedly which really causes problems. When pet urine has soaked into the padding and under-flooring, it becomes an especially stubborn situation.

If you need help with a tough pet problem like this please don’t be hesitant to call us.  This is what we are here for. We have the information, expertise and tools to help you.

In some extreme conditions it may be necessary to pull back the carpet and replace some of the urine soaked padding. If the urine has soaked into the sub-flooring a wood sealer such as “Kilz” may be applied to “lock away”  the offending odor.

Out of all the enemies that can degrade your carpets, one of the worst can be pets. While we love them dearly, we don’t love their messes and accidents. A key action is to clean these up as soon as possible. Blot the area with a mild solution of dish washing detergent and water as soon as possible.

Follow up on this by blotting with fresh, plain water to remove the detergent. (This step is important because detergent left in the carpet WILL attract dirt.) The last step is to blot the area with a a dry terri towel to aid in quick drying. This helps get the urine out before it can soak in and permanently stain the carpet.