An informative Discussion of Carpet Cleaning Methods. This is a little lengthy, but very informative. Great for, “inquiring minds that want to know.” There are two basic methods of cleaning carpet that are used by most companies today. (Other methods are simply variations of these 2 basic methods discussed below.) The first method is very familiar to most of us. I will call it the “Steam Method.”

The Steam Method:

This method “moves” a large amount of hot water. Usually many gallons of water. Water and chemicals are forced down into the carpet and then sucked back out again.The idea is that the water and chemicals will break the dirt away from the carpet fibers and be extracted out by suction.

The soil is intended to mix with the chemical water and be extracted back out of the carpet. The problem here is that it takes a tremendous amount of suction to get all of this water back out of the carpet. Creating this much suction is nearly impossible.

There will usually be an excessive amount of water left in the carpet and padding. This can cause deeply embedded spots to “wick back” from the base of the carpet during the drying process. (old spots can reappear in a day or two.)

There is no carpet fiber agitation with this method. This is a major drawback. Agitation of the carpet fibers is needed to aid in removing the soil. (This method can be compared to using pressurized water to wash a car. Some soil is removed but without the aid of some agitation such as a cloth or a brush it won’t do a very good job of cleaning the car.)

When using the Steam method dirty water can be seen returning to the machine. This looks really impressive. However; keep in mind that 1 teaspoon of dirt can make 5 gallons of clean water appear to be very dirty. This method of cleaning can be misleading. It appears that a huge amount of soil is being removed from the carpet when in actuality, this is just not so.

Some undeniable problems with this method are that it leaves a lot of dirt, water and chemicals in the carpet. It can take the carpet a long time to dry (as much as two days in humid conditions) Spots can, and will, wick back to the surface during this extended drying time. A long drying time can also leave your carpet smelling musty and is very unhealthy! Mold spores and mildew easily develop under wet, warm conditions. There is no agitation of the carpet fibers to aid in this cleaning method.

The Steam method has been around for a long time. This is the method that most people think of when they think of carpet cleaning. This was the first and only method used for many years and is still in use today. Over time, many improvements have been made in the carpet cleaning industry. Better methods and advanced chemistry have really improved the effectiveness of carpet cleaning in recent times.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of these developments.

The second method I will refer to as the “Buffer Method.”

The Buffer Method

This method employs a standard low speed buffing machine to rotate an absorbent pad over the top of the carpet.

A cleaning solution is sprayed on to the carpet to loosen the dirt. After waiting a few minutes for the solution to do its job a buffer is used to “spin” the cleaning pad over the surface of the carpet. The absorbent pad then removes a fair amount of dirt without soaking your carpet. A higher percentage of soil is removed using this method.

The main drawback to using this method is that the pad is removing dirt from only one side of the carpet fibers. The reason for this is because the buffer only rotates the pad in a clockwise direction. This lays the carpet fibers over in one direction, cleaning only the side that is up.

Although this method has its drawbacks, it is more efficient than the Steam method. It has some agitation of the carpet fibers and removes a substantial amount of soil without over wetting the carpet. Your carpet dries fairly quickly with this method. Although this method is not perfect, it certainly has more benefits than the Steam method. But wait; there is a far more effective method of cleaning carpet!

Please pay attention here.

I want my readers to really analyze the below method of cleaning carpet. Compare this method with the previous two methods that have been introduced. I believe you will agree that this is a better and more effective method of cleaning carpet. Florence Carpet Cleaning uses the below Method.

The V.L.M., O.P. Extraction Method V.L.M. ( very low moisture ) O.P. (oscillating pad ) Extraction Method

This is the preferred carpet cleaning method for informed people who demand the best. It is the most effective method of deep cleaning carpet available today! Florence Carpet Cleaning uses this method almost exclusively.

The V.L.M., O.P. extraction method employs very low moisture, along with vigorous, but gentle, agitation to clean and restore your carpets to their former illustrious and beautiful appearance. Only non-toxic, environmentally friendly, kid and pet safe chemicals are used with this method. The carpet is lightly sprayed with the cleaning solution and allowed a short “dwell time.” This allows for the cleaning solution to dissolve dirt, spots, spills and grime. It is now time for the unique, Oscillating , Random orbital machine to go to work.

The vigorous, but gentle, agitation is achieved by using a very absorbent, thick terri cloth pad; driven by the rotating, random orbital machine. This machine looks just like a standard buffing machine but don’t let its appearance fool you! The oscillating, random orbital machine is VERY different. As previously mentioned, the Buffer method only removes the soil from one side of the carpet fibers. The Oscillating, Random Orbital machine deep cleans, rejuvenates and removes soil from ALL sides of the carpet fibers. The highly absorbent terri cloth pad is rotating at 50 revolutions per minute and oscillates at 1800 revolutions per minute!

This oscillating motion is the main key. The machine digs down into the carpet and extracts the embedded soil, cleaning all sides of the carpet fibers with its random orbital action. The highly absorbent terri cloth is also another key factor. It is very efficient at absorbing the soil and moisture as it deep cleans the carpet. When one pad becomes soiled, you simply replace it with another. Believe me folks; this machine does not “play around!” It will amaze you.

Most carpet cleaners shy away from cleaning Berber style carpet because it is infamously known to be very difficult to clean. This is due to its very rough texture and loop design. Dirt, soil and spill spots can be difficult to remove from this “crater like” surface.

The VLM, OP Extraction method has no problem at all cleaning Berber carpet!

My next door neighbor entertains often and has pool parties in the summer months. His guest are constantly going in and out of the house. The first room they enter while going back inside from the pool to replenish their beverage is, you guessed it, Berber carpeted! This carpet really has a rough time of it.

As the party progresses the guests get, let’s say, “a little less steady.” Spills do occur. After a summer season of this treatment I guess you can imagine the appearance of this poor Berber carpet. (Not good; not good at all) I cleaned this carpet for the new, upcoming party season just last week. The results were amazing. The abused Berber carpet looked great and didn’t even have a “hangover.”

Admittedly , I had to work at it a little harder but it came clean. The beauty of this method is that you can operate the machine a little more slowly and give it time to do its job if you have a real area of concern. I am continually amazed at the effectiveness of the VLM; OP extraction method of cleaning carpet. The VLM, OP extraction method is effective enough to tackle any carpet cleaning job; period.

Here is additional great news that truly enhances this method.

This method employs the use of a non-toxic, kid and pet friendly, encapsulation cleaning solution named Releaseit. “Encapsulation” is a term that means as your carpet dries the solution forms tiny crystalline structures which encapsulates the soil particles. When the carpet is completely dry you just vacuum up the tiny crystals that have encapsulated the remaining soil particles. The terri cloth pad removes 95% percent of the soil and the encapsulation gets out the remainder. This is actually 2 methods of soil removal combined! I know this sounds too good to be true but Releaseit also leaves a small amount of carpet fiber protection in your carpet!

Encapsulation technology is the direct result of today’s advanced chemistry. I have researched all these claims extensively and they are supported by scientific proof. The carpet care chemicals of today are “light years” ahead of the old,soapy detergents of the past. So there you have it. What do you think of this unique method?

I was completely amazed by the effectiveness of the V.L.M.; O.P. Extraction method of carpet cleaning and I am certain you will be to. Try it and see for yourself.

 Discover that fresh, clean feeling again. Clean, soft, nice smelling carpet just makes you “feel” better.

Do yourself a favor and regain that great feeling. Clean carpet will allow you to breath better and live healthier. You wouldn’t put off washing your clothes or changing the oil in your car. Why wait to have your carpet cleaned? You have a huge investment in your carpet. Be smart. Protect that investment. Keep it clean. New carpet is expensive ! If your carpets need a good spring cleaning, give us a call.

Your absolute delight, is Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with our work,we will try to correct what is wrong. If we are unable to solve the problem, you do not have to pay. Protect that investment. Keep it clean. New carpet is expensive! If your carpets need a good spring cleaning, give us a call.

 Here are some basic tips to keep your carpet looking great and help you extend the time between professional cleanings.

Vacuum often! (This is the #1 priority to protect your investment.)

Clean up spills and accidents immediately. (So much easier to deal with now, rather than later!)

Use walk off mats at the entrances of your home. (Vacuum them often.)

Keep your vacuum in good shape. Change the bag when 3/4 full. Make sure the belt driven brush is turning properly. Make certain the hose is not stopped up. (remember: Just because the vacuum is running, doesn’t necessarily mean its cleaning as efficiently as it should.)

Have your carpets treated with a protectant immediately after they are cleaned. (note: Make sure you are getting what you paid for.) Scotch Guard or Dupont Teflon carpet protectant are very good. (Dupont got better ratings.)

Have your carpet cleaned about once a year. (use a low moisture method with plenty of agitation of the fibers.) This method cleans much better and your carpet is dry in less than 2 hours. You don’t need to soak the carpet and backing. Some carpet cleaners use way too much water which causes your carpet to take forever to dry. This is just inviting mold and mildew problems. The next thing you will realize is that you have a musty smelling home! Don’t let this “wet carpet syndrome,” happen to you; ever again.

Customer Benefits:

• Kid and pet friendly
• Safe and non-toxic
• No strong odors
• No sticky,soapy residues
• No reappearing stains
• No hoses running out to a noisy truck in your yard
• Highest rate of soil removal
• Your carpet is ready to use in less than two hours

ASK QUESTIONS! (a few suggestions to give you an idea.) All Consumers should ask the carpet cleaning service some questions. Do you move the furniture and clean the carpet underneath? How soon will the carpet be completely dry and ready for foot traffic? Ask the Total Price BEFORE the carpet cleaner begins. (Avoid hidden “fees.”)