Advice to “Do it yourself cleaners”

So you want to clean your carpets, rugs, or furniture yourself, and save the fees the professional cleaners charge. Here’s why everybody should hire a professional cleaner. First, you must go to a store, and rent a machine. You must buy some cleaning detergent, traffic lane cleaner, spot removers, defoamer, and rinsing agent.

How much has it cost you so far? You then haul these things home, assemble the machine, hope it is in proper working order, and get ready to clean. You must move your furniture out if the way. (No small task in most cases) Get as hot of water as you can- 120 degrees in most homes- mix up the detergent formula, put it into the machine, and begin cleaning.

Do you know where, and how much traffic lane cleaner to use? Too much is a bigger problem than too little. Do you know exactly what kind of a spot those spots you are looking at are? Probably not, but you apply the spot remover to them, anyway. Is the spot gone? Is it still there? Did you use the RIGHT spot remover for that spot? In frustration because the spot did not come out, and so you scrub it with a stiff brush, and now the carpet is frayed, but the spot is still there?

Will you now try some bleach on the spot that is still there in the now frayed area, trying to get it out? Is the spot still there, because the bleach did not remove it either, and now you have a spot, a frayed area, that is bleached out? Forget it, and continue with the cleaning, and know that spot, fray, and bleached area will have to be patched, as it is not correctable. The cleaning wand is too short for you, and it gives you a sore back with sore hands trying to use it as best you can. Your formerly hot water has rapidly cooled, and you are now trying to “Steam clean” with cold water. Feel the temperature of the water coming out of the wand. Cold, right?

And, so, since cold water does not clean as well as hot water, the carpet is now being overwet, and will take a VERY long time to dry. During this VERY long time drying, everyone tracks in mud, etc, re-soiling the carpet, so your efforts were completely wasted. What’s more, the detergent remaining behind in the carpet attracts more dirt, leaving a sticky residue that can be felt when you touch the carpet. Some of the sticky, dirty residue clings to kids knees playing on the carpet, and to pet’s hairs, when they lie on it. So, you must clean the carpet sooner, and sooner, because of the residue left each time that is not removed, and actually added to each time it is “Cleaned”.

How much is your time worth, so far? Have you have really “saved” a lot? AND you must return the machine. AND have possibly hazardous chemicals around the house, that were not used up in the cleaning. Now, you say, “I must get this professionally cleaned”.

The professional comes in with a professional sized cleaning machine, Knowledge that he has gained from years of experience, cleaning thousands of the same items, and a lot of classroom training in the chemistry of spots, soils of all kinds, the chemistry of cleaning, the physics of cleaning soils, stains, and spots.

I use the safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products from the Bi-O-Kleen Company that are beneficial to the items being cleaned, does not remove any protective finishes that may be on the items being cleaned, nor leave a residue to attract future soils.

Cleaning professionals like myself use equipment that has been especially engineered to do the best work, special cleaning tools that the non-professional does not have, and cannot get, specialized spot removers that are designed for specific spots and stains, we use more powerful cleaning detergents, hotter water that is more efficient, we know how to move heavy furniture and where to move it for easiest cleaning under it, replaces it after cleaning onto blocks or slips to prevent rusting or furniture wood stains, and is prepared to correctly apply the proper type of soil retardant if it is needed.

If you stop and consider what it cost you to “do it yourself”, and the results you get, compared to what it cost you to have the cleaning done by an expert professional, who will be in and out much faster than you could do the work, with better results, You will call a professional each time you need some cleaning.