Carpet Cleaning Florence SC

Listed below is our Standard Procedure when Cleaning Carpet for our Customers.

Florence Carpet Cleaning Florence SC 843-245-2145(1) We will call the day before to confirm our appointment and ask the customer to remove any “breakables” and small items that may be in the way. (This REALLY helps because we can concentrate on our job which is cleaning the carpet.)

(2) Upon arrival we sweep around the entrance and put down “walk off” mats.

(3) We then thoroughly vacuum with an industrial strength vacuum. We do vacuum around the baseboards.

(4) We will move couches and chairs. (We do not move entertainment centers, or other extremely heavy objects unless absolutely necessary.)

(5) Next we pre-treat and hand scrub any problem areas, spots and heavily soiled traffic lanes.

(6) A light misting of cleaning solution is then applied to the carpet. (We do NOT “SOAK” your carpet. This is not necessary and only leads to problems.)

(7) After allowing a few minutes “dwell time” for the cleaning chemical to loosen the soil particles we begin our cleaning process. Our oscillating, random orbital machine, used along with very absorbent cotton terri cloth pads, does a remarkable job of cleaning the carpet fibers from all sides. The soil particles are now absorbed into the terri cloth.

(8) After the carpet is dry, (in about 1 hour) a final vacuuming completes the process.

When You Can Use Professional Cleaning

While some minor stains and odors can be handled by a basic cleaning, no carpet cleaning company can guarantee results on all pet stains and odors. Some pet odors require special enzymes and chemicals to eliminate smells permanently.

If the situation has become this extreme there are still alternative solutions to address the problem.

Once I receive your estimate form and get a general idea of the severity of your pet problem areas I will be better equipped to give an exact estimate. If possible, I would like to visit your home and examine the problem first hand at absolutely no charge.

Here at Florence Carpet Cleaning we are ready to listen to you. We will strive to solve your CarpetĀ  Cleaning needs in the manner which is most convenient for YOU.

So why wait?