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about carpet cleaning in Florence SC

Albert Eaton
(carpet care consultant)”Florence has been my home since birth. I am at your service to answer any carpet care questions you may have. Just give me a call.” 

Our Business Philosophy Includes:

• Reasonable Pricing
• Reliable Service
• Honesty and Integrity at all times.

Florence Carpet Cleaning was founded in 1986 and continues today as Florence SC’s preferred residential and commercial carpet cleaning professionals. Each year dozens of carpet cleaning companies go out of business because of unethical practices and poor treatment of their customers.

Florence Carpet Cleaning knows that a great customer relationship is built upon TRUST. The single biggest reason why anyone does business with a company is TRUST! Usually It will be because they know and trust the person, or they learn about this person from a source they already trust such as a good friend. Our ultimate goal is that we will become one of your trusted friends.

We plan to accomplish this by doing a great job for you in every aspect. We will then follow up to make certain that you are completely satisfied. Business is about  RELATIONSHIPS. We hope you will place enough faith in our company to give me a try. We promise to take care of the rest.

Florence Carpet Cleaning
Sincerely,  (the owner)
Albert J. Eaton

A little background information about the owner of Florence Carpet Cleaning

Hello, my name is Albert Eaton and Florence, SC has been my home for life. I am a graduate of Southside High School and Francis Marion University. I am also a member of Central Methodist Church. I sold Electrolux vacuums and carpet shampooers during my college years to pay for my education. Over the years I have gained experience in my field by working for several different carpet cleaning franchises. Each company had its preferred method to clean carpet.

My background has sparked my interest in keeping up with the latest innovations in carpet maintenance and care. My goal was to determine what truly is the most effective method to clean carpet and prolong its life. Every carpet cleaner “hypes” their method as you well know. I was determined to research this field thoroughly and get answers. Admittedly , each different method of carpet cleaning has its pros and cons. One of the most important factors is the man behind the method and how well he executes his cleaning process. One morning I was researching carpet cleaning on the Internet and “Bingo,” there it was!

I read a few lines to myself about the method and thought; ” This is it ; the method I’ve been searching for.” I purchased the equipment and began testing. I was totally amazed. The method exceeded my expectations! My intensive research had paid off. The method is VLM (very low moisture) OP (oscillating pad) combined with state of the art, “Green,” (environmentally friendly) chemicals. This method is, by far, the most effective method I have ever used!

Your carpets will be cleaner, healthier and have a more beautiful appearance than you ever dreamed possible. As a carpet cleaning professional I have taken the time to investigate the many methods of carpet cleaning.available. I settled on VLM (very low moisture), OP (oscillating pad) cleaning because I feel ,without a doubt, it is the safest and the best way to clean carpets. If I thought there was a better way to deep clean carpets I would use it. My reputation is staked on leaving carpets clean and healthy. I use the best , to do the best.
Albert Eaton
(carpet cleaning consultant)
Florence Carpet Cleaning

Quick Carpet Cleanup Tip:
coffan_20stainsDo not accidentally create a “Dirt Magnet!” If you have a spill or accident, act quickly! Blot (don’t rub) the spill. Clean the spot with a small brush and mild dish soap solution such as Dawn. (just a few drops,in a cup of warm water.) Next; blot the area with plain warm water. You need to get all the detergent out of the carpet. Detergents are designed to attract dirt and that is just what they will do if you don’t rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to soak the carpet. Too much water is not a good thing. All you need is just enough moisture to transfer the contaminant to your terri cloth. You can speed up the drying process with a fan if you would like. Usually the fan is not necessary unless conditions are really humid.

This simple solution will work just about every time.  A mild, warm water soap solution can be your best friend. This will even work on wine or colored soft drink spills. The key is to act swiftly. Don’t wait! Many people use spotters such as “Resolve.” This is fine but you also need to rinse and blot after using a spotter. You need to get the detergent back out of the carpet or it will act like a “dirt magnet.” This is very common mistake. Many people spray the same spot over and over. The spot will temporarily disappear. What they don’t realize is; if they don’t rinse, they are just making the problem worse and worse! What they are doing is building a “dirt magnet” rather than getting the spot out. The spot will just keep re-appearing if you don’t remove the detergent. Detergents are designed to attract dirt. Remember to rinse and blot the carpet. The area will then no longer attract dirt. Always remember: Quick action is the key!

If you have concerns about your carpets, please feel free to call us. We are here for YOUR consultation needs and to give helpful advice!